Welcome to WordPress Fast Sites!


You likely found your way here from hearing me speak at someone's private mastermind or perusing some tech forum.

From 1994-2013, I private hosted sites for myself + a few JV Partners.

In 2014, while given a talk about high speed + high traffic site tuning, one of my JV partners outed me + since then, referrals have driven me into the hosting business.


Think WordPress VIP performance for Rackspace or high end WPEngine pricing.

If you're currently paying less than $250/month for hosting, best you explore other options.

Speed of my hosting relates to LAMP Stack tuning experiences I've had since 1994.

CPU count + memory size provide a starting point. Real speed comes from tuning.

Hosting Site Types

Some of my physical machines run 250K+ page requests/hour.

Some sites generate a trickle of traffic + drive to high dollar products + services. In this case, site owners require the same level of speed + stability + security as high traffic sites.

Technology Used

Host level - Latest Ubuntu + LXD.

LXD container level - Latest LAMP Stack - Apache + MariaDB (Fast MySQL) + PHP + OpenSSL.

Containers use Ubuntu multi-version PHP PPAs, so old code can run using old versions of PHP, while dev work upgrades code to latest PHP.

This Site

My blue sky target is for this site to be a public facing billing/dashboard to manage WordPress sites.

Contacting Me

If you Skype me (ID: davidfavor) you'll usually receive a reply in a few minutes.

If you email me (david@davidfavor.com) you'll usually receive a reply in days to weeks, depending on many factors.

When you send your Skype Add Contact request, be sure to include a message describing your project.